New EU Ambassador: IUU yellow card will be resolved quickly

New Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Vietnam, Mr. Julien Guerrier, had his first meeting with the press in Hanoi on September 27.

Vietnam is important to the EU

During the morning meeting on September 27, new EU Ambassador Julien Guerrier emphasized that Vietnam is an important partner of the EU in the Indo-Pacific strategy and affirmed that the EU is a trusted, long-term friend and partner. year of Vietnam.

NEU Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Julien Guerrier at the press meeting on the morning of September 27 in Hanoi - Photo: THANH HIEN

During Mr. Guerrier's next four-year term, the EU will continue to help Vietnam realize its vision of becoming a developed economy by 2045 and achieving its net zero emissions target by 2050.

The new ambassador clearly stated 5 EU support tools for Vietnam in the coming time, the first of which will continue to promote the effectiveness of the Vietnam - EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA).

The Global Gateway initiative will provide about 300 billion Euros (316 billion USD) to countries around the world, including Vietnam, to build infrastructure without creating public debt, sustainably socially and environmentally sustainable.

With Vietnam's green transition, he affirmed that the EU has "specific responsibilities" and will cooperate with the UK in a coordinating role, supporting Vietnam to achieve its net zero emissions target by 2050, according to The Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) agreement.

The financial support program for research and innovation called Horizon Europe will sponsor Vietnamese research institutes, encouraging outstanding Vietnamese innovators to participate to exchange and share knowledge and skills with Europe.

Regarding security and defense cooperation, the EU's Enhanced Security Cooperation with Asia and in Asia (ESIWA) project will support Vietnam in building capacity in the fields of maritime security and cyber security.

Hope to resolve the IUU yellow card soon

Answering questions from the press related to removing the IUU yellow card from Vietnamese seafood, the new EU ambassador said it is "an important topic" that has been discussed for many years between the two sides.

He also appreciated Vietnam's efforts in actively building a legal framework on IUU. 

"But what is more important is that fishermen in the provinces need to properly implement this legal framework" - Mr. Guerrier stated.

Therefore, Ambassador Guerrier hopes that the IUU yellow card issue will be quickly resolved. He revealed that the European Commission's working group will come to Vietnam next October to assess the situation related to IUU yellow cards. 

Ambassador Julien Guerrier also shared that during the ceremony of presenting credentials to President Vo Van Thuong on September 26, the two sides discussed Vietnam's motto "Independence - Freedom - Happiness". 

"I think this includes the common aspirations of the European and Vietnamese people. Our cooperative relationship can help both sides achieve the goals stated in the motto" - he stated.

Through this, he expressed his desire to promote people-to-people exchanges between Vietnam and EU countries, especially through Vietnamese international students in the EU.

According to international terminology, IUU (Illegal, Unrepoted and Unregulated Fishing) is illegal, unreported and unmanaged fishing activities. In 2017, Vietnam was warned by the European Commission (EC) with a yellow card for not complying with IUU regulations. This means that seafood exported to the EU will be 100% controlled, instead of tested by probability, which means businesses lose more costs.


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