Ensuring human rights in enterprises in Vietnam


The new rules of the game for business that businesses are expected to respect human rights. In fact more and more businesses are integrating the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Guiding Principle on business and Human Rights into their business practices.

“Respecting human rights is a factor that helps businesses’ activities become more sustainable previously enterprises mainly focused on managing risks to the business but now it is not enough to only focus on managing risks to the business, businesses also need to manage their human rights risks”. 

In order to better respect labor's rights on November 2019, the National Assembly approved the amended Labor Code which took effect in 2021 in the context of Vietnam's participation in new generation trade agreements. Together with the established trade union, the amend Labor Code allows the employees to set up one or more representative organizations inside the company.

“I'm very pleased that the Australian Human Rights Commission with the support of the Australian Government has been working together with the Vietnam Chamber Commerce in industry since 2019 to advance responsible business conduct in Vietnam through increasing the human rights and knowledge and capabilities of businesses and future business leaders in Vietnam”.

“Business in Vietnam and globally that embrace responsible business conduct will be well placed to reduce the growing risks associated with failing to respect rights and the environment, and to embrace opportunities available to responsible businesses.

The Government’s Resolution No.99 dated August 30 2021 promulgates the Governments Action Program for the 2021- 2026 term to implement the National Assembly's resolution on the socio economic development plan. The Government has assigned the Ministry of Justice to develop a project to issue a National Action Program to improve policies and law to promote responsible business’ practices in Vietnam and submit it to the Prime Minister in 2023.

Respect for human rights is the new rule of the game in global business. Respecting human rights values and standards are increasingly expected in markets, workplaces, and communities. Business is an important part of these ecosystems, so it is impossible for businesses not to engage with their responsibility to respect human rights. The context of Vietnam joining a series of new generation free trade agreements, this is an obligation that business must comply with. Global business standards need to be codified in order to enhance corporate responsibility in the enforcement of human rights.

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