Vietnam rising to new position with new footing, new desire


“Vietnam bucks Asia's weakening growth trend”, “an exception to the general rule in the region” are descriptions used by International organizations and media to refer to Vietnam economic development in 2022.  Vietnam economy post the growth of 8.02 % in 2022 for exceeding the target of 6 to 6,5%. Per capita income has risen over the years while the poverty rate has fallen to under 3%. Freedom of speech and the press and the access to information are also clear to see. Vietnam is a multi-faith country with 95 % of its population practicing a religion of which 26 million are followers. It has performed well in terms of gender equality ranking 65th out of 162 countries in the gender development index. 

The country successfully controlled the Covid-19 pandemic. It was also one of the first to reopen its border after a long period of closure, due to the pandemic. The docket determination Vietnam successfully organized the 31st Seagame and left an indelible impression on international friends. 

Vietnam so-cio economic achievements coupled with itself to global integration have grated the resources necessary for the country to back the ensure of the fundamental rise of its citizens. It is orientation for national development in the 2021 to 2030 period. The Communist party of Vietnam affirmed that Vietnam continues to pursue a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, diversification,  and multilateralization of external relations, actively integrating into the world, maintaining peace and stability, and promoting Vietnam's position and prestige in the international arena.

To date, Vietnam has established diplomatic relations with 189 of 193 countries and economic and trade ties over 230 countries and territories. It has been an active and responsible member at regional and international forums and organizations  as it holds important positions such as  non permanent member of the UN Security Council  and has joined the UN's peacekeeping force.

Vietnam's recent election to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2020 - 2023 tenure is testament to the international community's recognition of the tireless efforts Vietnam has made in fulfilling its international human rights commitments.

The remarkable achievements Vietnam has ripped it up to more than 35 years of Doi Moi - Reform have resulted is sweeping changes in its instinctive strength and position. With the country's rising position and prestige in the international arena, Vietnam is certain to turn his desire to become a developed country by 2045 into reality. It will be a country with a strong economy in parallel with cultural traditions being preserved and an innovative population or target the common goal of people's happiness and prosperity.

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