The 2022 recovery of Vietnamese economy impressed international businesses


Vietnam's economic growth and recovery in recent months has been impressive, especially when compared to other countries around the world. This is the opinion of Mr. Marko Walde, chief representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam. According to Mr. Marko Walde, all these achievements are not only recognized by international organizations, but are also highly appreciated by international companies operating in Vietnam. These achievements are very meaningful when Vietnam has to face many challenges in the first months of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Vietnamese government has been very successful in ensuring a balance between protecting people's health and sustaining economic growth.  Mr. John Rockhold, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam said that US businesses are very optimistic about the future economic prospects in Vietnam. “We believe that the substantial progress that Vietnam has made will set the stage for a strong and sustainable recovery, and support the process of Vietnam's economic competitiveness in the next period. In addition, US businesses attach great importance to the companionship of the Vietnamese government and believe that the recent frank dialogue between the government and the private sector will help address challenges and set policies. optimal performance for the Vietnamese economy in the new normal.” Representatives of foreign business associations also said that besides the achievements, Vietnam is still facing challenges and risks due to fluctuations in the world situation and supply chain disruptions. Therefore, Vietnam needs to stick to the actual situation and have appropriate flexible solutions. Although foreign enterprises can import 100% of raw materials for production, most companies prefer to cooperate with local suppliers, sourcing partners and partners. other services near the investment location. Therefore, Vietnam needs to develop international standard companies with certain knowledge and professional management and pave the way for these companies to develop into potential cooperation partners for international investors. economic. In adition, every company needs a skilled workforce. It is important to have a suitable vocational training system to serve economic development in Vietnam. They all expressed their optimism about the sustainable growth prospects of Vietnam's economy in the remaining months of 2022 in 2023 and in the coming time, representatives of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. Vietnam also recommended that Vietnam should develop sustainable green energy sources, considering energy security as a high priority when most international companies and foreign-invested enterprises are demanding greener and more sustainable energy sources.

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