Internationally highly appreciated the two Vietnamese rescue teams in Turkey

 According to Ambassador Do Son Hai, the message sent to the international community is that Vietnam is not only a responsible member but also a member with the capacity to carry out that responsibility at the highest level.

On February 21, Vietnamese Ambassador to Turkey Do Son Hai affirmed the rescue work of victims of the earthquake disaster in Turkey by two rescue teams of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Public Security. Vietnam's defense has received high appreciation from the government, local people and international rescue teams.

                      Team members use specialized cutting machines to remove alternating steel sections                                                                       in large concrete patches. (Photo: Truong Duy/VNA)

Talking to Vietnam News Agency reporters present in Hatay province (Turkey), clearly stating the efforts and results achieved by two Vietnamese international rescue teams have been recorded from three sides.

First, it is the recognition of the Turkish government and people. Second is the recognition of international rescue teams from many countries.

According to Turkey's Rescue Center at all levels, nearly 90 countries have sent rescue teams to the country and through the cooperation and support between the parties, international rescue teams all highly evaluate the effectiveness and strong capacity of the Vietnamese delegations.

Third is the recognition of the Vietnamese people, especially families whose relatives are soldiers participating in this rescue task.

The Ambassador emphasized that the safety of the two delegations said everything about Vietnam's ability to fight in a completely new and difficult area.

According to Ambassador Do Son Hai, two rescue teams from the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam performed their tasks in Adiyaman and Hatay provinces respectively, about 500km apart and among the affected localities which are the heaviest.

This is an extremely challenging environment. Therefore, the successes achieved by the two delegations are even more meaningful and the recognition of the Turkish people is difficult to measure.

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