Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh asked to remove the EC's "yellow card" warning before 2025

The Prime Minister requested that from now to 2025, prevent and stop the situation of Vietnamese fishing vessels and fishermen violating illegal fishing in foreign waters and not to recur in the following years. In particular, prevent, reduce and eliminate IUU fishing, remove the EC "yellow card" warning.

On September 14, 2022, the Prime Minister decided to approve the project "Preventing and combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing by 2025".

Accordingly, the Scheme aims to implement synchronously, effectively and efficiently the legal provisions on fisheries; focus on implementing regulations on the prevention and combat of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing); prevent, reduce and eliminate IUU fishing, remove the "Yellow Card" warning of the European Commission (EC); manage fishing activities and protect marine resources and marine ecosystems, develop Vietnam's fisheries towards sustainability, responsibility and international integration, in order to improve people's livelihoods. coastal areas, contributing to ensuring security, national defense and protecting the country's sovereignty over sea and islands.

The scheme aims to complete 100% of fishing vessels with the largest length of 15m or more before leaving the port for fishing at sea, which must be checked to ensure that all documents and equipment are complete as prescribed; 100% of fishing vessels with the largest length of 15 m or more must be monitored and monitored through the cruise monitoring system when participating in activities at sea and inspected, inspected and controlled at the port.

100% of aquatic products from domestic fishing when loading and unloading through fishing ports are inspected and supervised according to regulations; 100% of aquatic products originating from foreign catches arriving at Vietnam's seaports are inspected and monitored in accordance with the FAC's Agreement on Port Country Measures 2009 (PSMA Agreement); prevent and stop the situation of Vietnamese fishing vessels and fishermen committing violations of illegal fishing in foreign waters and not to recur in the following years; prevent, reduce and eliminate IUU fishing, remove EC "yellow card" warning.

To achieve the above objectives, the Project has set out 08 groups of solutions on: Information, communication, propaganda; perfecting the legal framework and mechanisms and policies; to invest in, upgrade and perfect the fisheries infrastructure and consolidate the organizational apparatus, supplement resources and equipment at the fishing port; improve the capacity and efficiency of patrol, inspection and control at sea of ​​the fisheries surveillance force and other relevant functional forces; fleet management, exploitation strength, monitoring, inspection and control of fishing vessel activities; law enforcement, dealing with IUU fishing practices; traceability of seafood products; performance of obligations under international treaties and international cooperation.

Strengthen the work of raising awareness of fishermen about combating IUU fishing.

Law enforcement forces at sea (Fisheries control, Coast Guard, Navy, Border Guard, Fisheries Inspectors...) strengthen patrol, inspection and control in the sea areas; especially in areas of overlapping, disputed and undefined waters in order to promptly detect, prevent and handle Vietnamese fishing vessels violating foreign waters; resolutely fight when foreign functional forces illegally control, arrest and handle Vietnamese fishing vessels and fishermen.

The content of the Scheme also clearly states the requirements for making a list, zoning objects, firmly grasping the area to closely monitor, manage, detect and promptly prevent fishing vessels showing suspicious signs of organization. to exploit seafood in foreign waters, publicize it on the mass media for propaganda, deterrence and education.

The functional forces of the Ministries of National Defense, Public Security, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and Rural Development and 28 coastal provinces and centrally-run cities have enhanced coordination and information exchange to ensure implementation. implement thoroughly, synchronously and uniformly in the investigation and handling of IUU fishing acts according to the provisions of law; focus on investigating, strictly and strictly handling, organizations and individuals that broker, hook up, and intentionally bring Vietnamese fishing vessels and fishermen to commit violations of illegal fishing in foreign waters and be arrested. , handled or detected by the competent forces in the country.

The scheme also specifies the tasks and prioritized projects for implementation; including the Project on information, communication, and training to enforce the Fisheries Law and prevent IUU fishing at home and abroad; invest, upgrade and complete the system of fishing ports, facilities, equipment and resources to meet the requirements of management and control of fishing vessels and trace the origin of seafood from fishing at fishing ports, combat IUU fishing; pilot project and replicate the model of sustainable fisheries control at 3 fishing ports in 3 regions: North (Hai Phong), Central (Khanh Hoa), South (Ca Mau); the project of consolidating and setting up an executive and commanding unit for fisheries law enforcement and IUU fishing prevention and control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to serve the management, direction, administration, and coordination.


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