Quang Ninh: Determined to remove IUU "yellow card" warning

 Quang Ninh is a locality with the number of nearly 7,400 fishing boats. Therefore, it is also easy for fishing vessels to commit illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. With nearly 7,400 fishing vessels, active in both high seas, inshore and offshore areas, the fishing ground is large, adjacent to the Gulf of Tonkin and the common fishing area with foreign countries. Therefore, Quang Ninh seafood is prone to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. This is the reason why Quang Ninh is one of the localities that the European Commission (EC) has issued a "yellow card" warning against IUU for the above violations.

According to the leader of Quang Ninh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, although recently, the number of cases has decreased, but there is still a high risk. With the determination to remove the "yellow card" of the European Commission (EC), Quang Ninh province is stepping up the implementation of synchronous solutions to prevent IUU violations. By the end of July 2022, Quang Ninh province has removed 6/7 "yellow card" warnings. There is still a warning criterion related to the management of fishing vessels and the issuance of fishing licenses that are not met.

Up to now, Quang Ninh has had 210 offshore fishing vessels (over 15m in length) that have installed and synchronized cruise monitoring equipment, registered, have a technical license and a food safety certificate. 964 vessels exploiting the inland areas (12-15m long), of which 840 vessels have been registered, 124 vessels are continuing to be registered, 631 ships have signed food safety commitments, 693 ships have been granted technical licenses, the target By the end of this year, 100% of ships have KTTS licenses.

Vessels under 6-12m are under the management of localities at district level, are being promoted for registration, registration and licensing of all kinds. Up to this point, Quang Ninh has 7,300 fishing vessels, a decrease of more than 1,700 fishing vessels compared to the time when the "yellow card" was applied, of which over 3,850 ships have registered in the National Fishing Vessel Database software. is a condition for controlling violations of fishing vessels. Recently, the province has had no cases of fishing vessels violating foreign waters.

In particular, the inter-sectoral station to control fishing vessels entering and leaving Cai Rong port located at the regional storm shelter anchorage area combined with fishing port in Cai Rong town - Van Don will operate from 2021. Currently, this station has gone into the background. such as: On duty 24/24h to inspect and control fishing vessels, issue samples, recover fishing logs, monitor seafood output unloaded through the port.

Previously, on October 23, 2017, the European Commission (EC) issued a "yellow card" warning to Vietnamese seafood for violating IUU regulations. In order to remove the "yellow card" of the EC, over the past 4 years, together with coastal localities throughout the country, Quang Ninh province has implemented a lot of measures and drastic actions against illegal fishing. unreported, unregulated.

Accordingly, in order to review the number, register, issue fishing licenses for fishing vessels and update the fishing vessel management database, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development directly met with fishing vessel owners to verify information. the backlogged ships with a length of 12m or more, certified by the commune-level People's Committee. At the same time, guide the district level to review, investigate, make statistics and verify information for groups of fishing vessels with a length of from 6m to under 12m that have not been registered according to the hierarchy and removed from the management list; guide localities in granting fishing licenses, granting and changing the register of fishing ship crewmen, and comply with regulations on certificates of fishing vessel crewmen.

Strengthen management

By the end of June 2022, the total number of fishing boats in Quang Ninh province remained 6,250 ships. The province has updated the information of 4,574/4,574 fishing vessels with a length of 12m or more into the national fishing vessel database software, reaching 100% of registered or temporarily registered vessels. According to the leader of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department has recently reviewed the synchronization of cruise monitoring equipment of fishing boat owners to find the cause, and at the same time contacted and urged equipment suppliers to repair and support owners. ship. Especially, in the past time, the organization of control of fishing vessels docked and left the port and monitored 24/24h, so Quang Ninh has no fishing vessels violating foreign waters. This is a key content that the EC is particularly interested in removing yellow cards for countries.

Regarding the content of certifying the origin of domestically caught fish that do not violate IUU and certifying that fishery raw materials are caught according to the requirements, each locality needs to have a fishing port, however, an anchorage area to avoid storms The regional level combined with a fishing port in Cai Rong town (Van Don district) is still in the investment process, not yet eligible to announce a fishing port.

To overcome this problem, the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province has temporarily set up 10 points to check and monitor fishing vessels at ports and storm shelters for fishing vessels along the way from Mong Cai city to Quang Yen town to help fishermen. People can come and report to the authorities. Currently, localities have set up inspection and control teams for fishing vessels and are on duty 24/24h.

It is known that up to this point 6/7 warning criteria "yellow card" have been removed by Quang Ninh including: Food safety; control ships violating fishing activities in foreign waters; control fishing vessels docking and leaving ports; install equipment to monitor fishing vessel's journey; sanction administrative violations of illegal fishing; carry out certification of the origin of domestically caught aquatic products that do not violate regulations on IUU and certify raw materials of exploited aquatic products..

However, there is still one criterion that Quang Ninh has not met regarding the registration of fishing vessels and the issuance of fishing licenses, which is still very low, especially the fleet of vessels under 12m managed by the district level.

According to statistics of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the whole province has 1,400 newly registered fishing vessels temporarily, which have not yet been officially registered as prescribed, of which there are 1,276 vessels with a length from 6m to under 12m managed by the district level and 124 ships with a length of 12m or more are managed by the province, mainly in the following localities: Quang Yen (125 ships), Cam Pha (124 ships), Van Don (748 ships), Hai Ha (133 ships) , Tien Yen (97 ships). The fact that fishing vessels have not been officially registered makes it impossible for the authorities to issue fishing permits for these vessels.

To gradually overcome, the Sub-Department of Fisheries (DARD) has set up a team to visit localities to register for ships over 12m and guide localities to convert temporary registration to registration. official. However, because most of the temporarily registered ships are managed by localities, if localities do not actively participate, this criterion will certainly be difficult to complete by the end of 2022. And more importantly, If the yellow card is not removed this year, it will greatly affect the sustainable growth of Quang Ninh's seafood industry.


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