Information portal helps connect Vietnamese businesses

          The business information portal at will provide information and support services for businesses in Việt Nam, especially small and medium enterprises. 



          The Department of Enterprise Development, under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, has launched a business information portal to provide information and support services for businesses in Việt Nam, especially small and medium enterprises.

          In line with the new era's digital transformation trend, the portal is a modern and intelligent digital platform, providing information about governmental mechanisms and policies to support businesses, training documents, business guides, and business connections for the local and international business communities.

          The portal also provides timely, accurate, and high-value information about policies and support programmes from the Government, helping businesses
easily search, look up to participate and benefit from business support packages.

          In addition, the business information portal will play the role of connecting businesses with the Government, between businesses and enterprises, between small and medium enterprises with leading enterprises or with FDI enterprises.

          More specifically, the portal will bridge Vietnamese businesses and the international community through the ASEAN Small and Medium Enterprises Gateway (ASEAN Access-, creating opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to expand markets to Southeast Asia and Asia.

          The portal is built on an open platform, calling for all stakeholders to participate in creating a smooth, multi-dimensional information system.

          The portal will be a source of research and reports on various topics from leading agencies, research units, and consulting organisations, helping them understand relevant information about industry and market quickly and easily.

          A network of Vietnamese consultants from many industries and fields such as Science and Technology, Finance and Planning, and Investment and Law are ready to support and answer any questions of businesses.

          The business portal will regularly update training materials and business guides compiled by leading experts to spread new business knowledge, contributing to raising awareness, skills and business experience in the Vietnamese business community.

          Businesses can register for support information at

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