General Department of Taxation ‘sprint’ to cover e-invoice nationally.

          According to General Department of Taxation, up to now, Vietnam has nearly 93% of all enterprises and 100% of business individuals registered and converted to use electronic invoices.


  The breakthrough

          At the press conference on "Initial results and problems of implementing e-invoices nationwide," organized by the Ministry of Finance on June 1, Mr. Dang Ngoc Minh, Deputy The Director of the General Department of Taxation said that there are currently over 764,300 enterprises and nearly 52,800 business households / individuals (according to statistical method) converting to use electronic applications.

          According to Mr. Minh, the deployment of e-invoices is an important task,  contributing to promoting digital transformation in businesses and financial institutions and implementing the e-Government strategy.

          “E-invoicing is a major breakthrough in Taxation. This will contribute to transforming the way of serving the people, the way of managing and organizing the implementation of the tax agency automatically in order to reform administrative procedures, facilitate, reduce costs and increase productivity of the business. Since then, the management method has been transformed, promoting the development of e-commerce and saving costs for businesses and society, ”Mr. Minh said.

          Operating e-invoice system 24/7

          In order to deploy e-invoices successfully, Mr. Minh said that the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation have completed preparations for material facilities and technical infrastructure (such as issuing detailed implementation plans, mobilizing resources of the whole political system in the provinces and cities). In addition, the General Department of Taxation has also setten up an operating center and supported the deployment of e-invoices to receive, guide and promptly answer requests arising in the implementation process and connected to organizations that receive, transmit and store data ... Accordingly, the General Department of Taxation and tax departments organized to receive, guide and support enterprises to deal with problems by hot lines, electronic support channels, chatbot and organize the administration and operation of the e-invoice system 24/7 to ensure stable operation without affecting the production and business activities of taxpayers.

          However, Mr. Minh also said that the nationwide implementation of e-invoices with the goal all taxpayers will switch to using electronic invoices on July 1 requiring the participation of agencies, organizations, departments/branches nationwide and the whole society.

          Mr. Minh said that the tax authority has actively coordinated with e-invoices service providers to arrange and allocate resources in deployment, training, propaganda and support for taxpayers, especially in rural, remote and isolated areas,...

          “The timely support for taxpayers to create a sense of peace of mind and confidence in the application of e-invoices is also an issue that the tax industry has identified and implemented right from the beginning. We have established operating centers at the General Department of Taxation, 63 tax departments and problem-solving teams at each tax department to quickly grasp problems and difficulties of taxpayers in securing implementation. The implementation does not affect, as well as make it difficult for, taxpayers", Minh said.

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