Fishermen aware of responsibility to remove EC 'yellow card'

Since 2019 until now, Phu Yen province has had no fishing vessels infringing foreign waters, the fishermen are aware of their responsibility to remove the "yellow card" of the European Commission (EC).

According to Phu Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province has more than 4,105 fishing boats with about 20,520 fishermen engaged in fishing. Of which, 660 fishing vessels with a length of 15m or more exploit aquatic products in the high seas.

In order to contribute to removing the EC's 'yellow card', the whole political system of the province has been drastically involved in the comprehensive fight against IUU fishing. The monitoring, inspection and control of fishing vessel activities through the VMS system are thoroughly implemented by the authorities. As a result, from 2019 to now, Phu Yen province has had no fishing vessels violating foreign waters that have been arrested and handled.

 Fisherman Vo Van Tien, owner of fishing boat PY91036TS, practicing ocean tuna fishing in Phu Dong ward (Tuy Hoa city), said that by grasping propaganda information about regulations against illegal fishing, no declared and unregulated (IUU), fishermen are aware of the EC's responsibility to remove the yellow card. Since then, ships that do not fish in foreign waters, fully declare before leaving and entering the wharf, fully recording their exploitation; as well as comply with the installation of cruise monitoring equipment.

According to the Phu Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, up to now, the province has 636 ships with cruise monitoring equipment installed. Update 100% of fishing vessel data that have been registered, registered and granted fishing licenses into the national database system Vnfishbase for unified operation, comparison, inspection and management.

Fishermen comply with regulations when participating in fishing activities at sea. Photo: MH.

Mr. Nguyen Tri Phuong, Deputy Director of Phu Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: In 2021, the competent authorities will carry out 6 orders to dispatch fishery inspection ships to carry out inspection and inspection duties at sea on anti-injury. IUU mining.

Through an unexpected inspection, the authorities discovered a case of converting a fishing vessel without the written approval of the competent state agency, the Provincial People's Committee issued a decision to impose a fine of 100 million VND. .

The fishing ports were also inspected and controlled, detected and handled 3 cases and issued a decision to sanction administrative violations of more than 30 million VND. From the beginning of 2022 until now, representative offices at fishing ports have handled 53 cases of violating fishing vessels.

Besides the achievements, the fight against IUU fishing in Phu Yen is still facing a number of difficulties and limitations, requiring the participation and synchronous implementation of solutions of relevant sectors and localities, especially is the close coordination between fishermen and authorities.

Phu Yen provincial authorities patrol at sea to handle violating vessels. Photo: KS.

Accordingly, in 2021, the Fisheries Sub-Department has announced 277 times of fishing vessels losing connection to monitoring their journeys at sea, of which 28 vessels lost signal for 10 days or more.

From the beginning of 2022 until now, the Sub-Department of Fisheries has announced 121 times of fishing vessels that have lost connection to monitor their journeys at sea. Representative offices at fishing ports have cooperated with border guards to work and handle when ships return to shore. Through work, some of the reasons for the cruise monitoring device to lose connection are due to damage, being burned by lightning, running out of subscription fees, having problems with the satellite system, etc.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tri Phuong, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is coordinating with coastal localities to urgently complete the installation of VMS equipment, closely monitor and manage, and ensure that fishing boats maintain the operation of VMS equipment. engaged in fishing at sea. If detecting violations, they will be strictly handled.

In addition, the Provincial People's Committee has also directed functional sectors and localities to continue monitoring and supervising fishing vessels operating at sea through the VMS system, promptly warning and circulating fishing vessels near the border. , to cross the border of Vietnam's waters to work and handle if detected intentionally violating. Coastal localities have effectively implemented the work against IUU fishing; Reviewing and working with fishing vessel owners who have not installed cruise monitoring equipment, have not marked fishing vessels, and marked fishing gear must be completed according to regulations.

Recently, the Monitoring Delegation of the Committee for Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly has supervised the implementation of policies and laws on management of aquaculture, seafood processing and IUU fishing control in Phu Yen. Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Thuy, Deputy Chairwoman of the National Assembly's Committee for Science, Technology and Environment, said that Phu Yen is one of the localities that has quite well implemented the provisions of the 2017 Fisheries Law, especially the implementation of the Law on Fisheries. strict regulations against IUU fishing. Notably, from 2019 to now, the province no longer has fishing vessels violating foreign waters that have been arrested and handled.

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