The National Assembly approved the economic growth target of 6-6.5% in 2022


On the afternoon of November 12, with 94.59% of the delegates approving, the National Assembly voted to pass the Resolution on the Socio-Economic Development Plan in 2022 at 6-6.5%.


To successfully achieve this target, the Resolution sets out 12 key tasks and solutions for the Government and related agencies to implement.


According to the explanatory report of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly (UBTVQH), the GDP growth target in 2022 is built on the basis of analysis and forecast of the domestic and international situation, taking into account factors advantages and disadvantages of 2021 on the background of low growth (about 2%), closely following the orientations, goals and tasks of the 5-year socio-economic development plan. Therefore, setting a target of about 6%-6.5% shows the Government's high determination and at the same time to ensure harmony and flexibility in the implementation of the 2022 goals.

Regarding suggestions, it is necessary to rebuild some economic indicators with growth scenarios at different levels; set higher targets for trained workers; To increase the overspending rate to 5% of GDP, Chairman of the Economic Committee Vu Hong Thanh said that the Standing Committee of the National Assembly together with the Government are urgently building a program of socio-economic recovery and development, and an overall strategy on economic development. COVID-19 prevention and control, including budget balance and overspending, will soon be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration. The development of the growth scenario, the main targets have been carefully considered and calculated, therefore, the National Assembly is requested to keep it as the draft Resolution. Specifically: GDP per capita reached 3,900 USD; The proportion of processing and manufacturing industry in GDP is about 25.5-25.8%; Average growth rate of consumer price index (CPI) is about 04%; The average growth rate of social labor productivity is about 5.5%; The proportion of agricultural laborers in the total social labor reaches 27.5%; The rate of trained workers reaches 67%, of which degrees and certificates reach about 27-27.5%...


The resolution also sets out the main tasks and solutions: Focusing on flexibly and effectively implementing the goal of both prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, recovery and socio-economic development; Building and perfecting institutions and organizing law enforcement; Accelerate economic restructuring in association with renovating the growth model, improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy; create a foundation for the development of the digital economy and digital society;




Rapidly develop a synchronous and modern infrastructure system; Improving the quality of education and training, developing human resources in association with promoting scientific research, technology application and innovation; Promote the development of regional linkages, economic zones and urban and urban economic development, speed up the formulation and approval of master plans; Developing culture, realizing social progress and justice; promote Vietnamese cultural and human values;

Effectively manage and use land and resources; strengthen environmental protection; proactively prevent and combat natural disasters and adapt to climate change; Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management; tighten discipline and discipline; to step up the prevention and fight against corruption, negativity and wastefulness; Consolidate and strengthen national defense and security potentials; resolutely and persistently struggle to firmly protect independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity; maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, ensuring political security, social order and safety;


Improve the effectiveness of foreign affairs, actively integrate into the international community, contribute to strengthening the position and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena; and Promote information dissemination, improve the effectiveness of mass mobilization work, create social consensus.

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