Sharing vaccines is the key to help all countries fight Covid-19 together

The development of the modern world is associated with trade and travel between countries. Industrial products from phones to airplanes... need the cooperation of many countries. Goods need to be distributed to consumers around the world. People need to travel to other countries…

The Covid-19 epidemic that broke out in a country has quickly spread to the whole world. When Covid-19 broke out, many countries had to lock down, isolate and distance themselves to quickly localize and stamp out the epidemic. With each lock down time, the growth rate of the countries is reduced.

An area has isolated and successfully eliminated Covid-19, while other areas of the world still have Covid-19, that area is still at risk of being infected again. Therefore, countries have experienced many outbreaks of Covid-19 and up to now (after 2 years of Covid-19 appearance) the pandemic still exists around the world.

That shows covid-19 is a global pandemic, no nation can alone repel Covid-19 in its country while other countries still exist pathogens. Therefore, in order to repel covid-19, the world must unite. Countries must join hands to repel covid-19 everywhere on the ground. Sharing vaccines is the key for countries to deal with Covid-19. It is absolutely necessary for countries and vaccine manufacturers to share the Covid-19 vaccine with the community to create a common safe living environment for the whole world, including countries that have already produced Covid-19 vaccines and countries that have not yet produced Covid-19 vaccines.



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