Vietnam always attaches importance to the application of science and technology to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

The scientific and technological approach to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic is the world's trend and the most important solution being deployed to combat Covid-19 in Vietnam.

When SARC-CoV-2 appeared, the world was surprised and there was no vaccine to prevent Covid-19. The first infected cases in Vietnam made everyone worried. Vietnam has quickly implemented solutions to trace, localize and stamp out the epidemic. This solution has been very effective, helping Vietnam quickly quell the first three outbreaks of Covid-19. Vietnam's solutions and experiences have been highly appreciated and studied by other countries. Vietnam is also willing to share these experiences with other countries to defeat Covid-19 together.

In addition, Vietnam is still promoting domestic scientific research on Covid-19, developing vaccines against Covid-19. Vietnam has successfully cultured, isolated and gene sequenced many corona virus strains, facilitating the testing of COVID-19 infected and suspected cases; creating a premise for the research and development of Covid-19 vaccines. Vietnam has given to the database of GISAID (a Global Science Initiative) 8 gene sequences of SARS-nCoV-2 virus for scientists around the world to research and develop preventing covid-19 solutions. Vietnamese scientists are also researching and developing two domestic vaccines (Nano Covax and Covivac are currently in clinical trials) to be proactive in preventing covid-19.

Since scientists around the world have successfully researched and developed a number of covid-19 vaccines, which are approved for emergency use by many countries, Vietnam has soon approached and mobilized these vaccine sources to prevent the people. This is one of the scientific solutions for a long-term response to Covid-19, especially dealing with the fourth outbreak in Vietnam. Vietnam is also looking for many partners to research and transfer vaccine production technology with the desire to get as many vaccines as possible to serve the people.

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