Vietnamese government is efficiently scaling down the deadly spread of Covid-19

Seemingly, 2020 - Year of the Rat doesn’t treat Vietnam well when it welcomed the Lunar New Year night with a hailstorm as a sign throughout many Vietnamese provinces, an unprecedented phenomenon in many years. Right after, the dead Covid-19 has stormed Vietnam from its neighbour China. The epidemic comes when Vietnam just become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the second time in history after securing 192 out of a total of 193 votes, a record high number of votes. This can be a test of global emergency response and management competence of Vietnam, a new non – permanent member of UNSC.
Sharing the longest coastal and land border with a complicated relationship with China and as a matter of fact, trade volume, moving and transportation between the two countries are huge accordingly, Vietnam is predicted to be the second country most infected. However, it is surprisingly that the dead virus just causes minimum problems in Viet Nam till now.
What makes that happen?
After announcing national emergency on February 1st, Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also directed ministries, government offices, and provincial and city authorities, as well as health facilities to quickly carry out their virus prevention tasks issued by the government. The MoH has established 45 rapid response teams to battle the fatal epidemic and built four levels of response scenarios, while completing online connections among 22 hospitals with a focus on high-risk areas.
Worldwide, the virus has spread to Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the US, France, Australia, Malaysia, Nepal and Canada…but Vietnam still controls the epidemic well when only 16 infected cases are detected and most of them returned from Wuhan so far.
Viet Nam has committed to reveal any information related to the epidemic and the Ministry of Health has updated all newly confirmed infection cases on its official website. Viet Nam is imposing absolute quarantine for those contacted, travelled or suspected of having the virus. Free distribution of face protective masks and alcohol-based hand rubs together with strictly measures have been applied for quality control and market supervision of those hot and sold out products. Vietnam is also willing to suffer from economic loses to prevent outbreaks of the Covid-19 and protect live and health of its people with efforts to minimise the negative impact of the epidemic on the economy.
Otherwise, many intense measures are stepped up like temporarily isolating individuals returning from infected areas for closely tracking and undergoing health checks; adequate and ready facility as well as medical equipment for preventing and controlling the fatal epidemic; strictly supervising and controlling epidemics at border gates; closing schools for one more week after Lunar New Year holiday; limiting festivals, meetings and conferences with large numbers of participants to reduce risks of the virus spreading; focusing on verifying and strictly handling cases of spreading false information about the epidemic situation; directing local media to publish accurate and timely reports and measures for people to prevent and fight the epidemic; banning travelling on tracks and self-opened crossings on shared land border with China without permission; temporarily suspending tourism tours between the two countries; and blocking flights from high-risk areas to Vietnam and vice versa, etc. Till now, 171 out of 267 infection cases have been discharged from hospital after successful treatment as a result of Vietnam’s tireless efforts.
Although experiencing a turbulent neighbouring relation due to disputes over South China Sea with China, Vietnamese government decided to donate $500,000 worth of goods and medical supplies to help China deal with the fast-spreading new virus epidemic. Of all the countries that have their citizens stuck in infected areas of Wuhan, Vietnamese Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Beijing-based Vietnam Embassy organized a special flight as an effort to evacuate Vietnamese residents from the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus without any payment required from the citizens, an action is highly appreciated by both the citizens and foreigners as well. Meanwhile some countries collected fees to repatriate their citizens like Japan or even refused to evacuate people returning from infected areas like Pakistan.
Even international organizations like the WHO and UNICEF spoke highly of Viet Nam’s measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. That is really a bright example of a responsible non – permanent member of UNSC.

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