Coronavirus updates: Worldwide cases approach 2 million

Christians throughout the world marked a solemn Easter amid the coronavirus pandemic. The number of cases worldwide topped 1.8 million on Sunday and the global death toll rose above 110,000, according to Johns Hopkins University.

                              Confirmed cases and deaths of Covid-19 for selected countries

Pope Francis presided over a mostly-empty St. Peter's Basilica for Mass, with only a handful of token faithful sitting one per pew. The choir's "Kyrie" hymn echoed off the bare marble floors.

Normally, St. Peter's Square would be awash in fresh flowers for Easter and packed with worshippers, but this year, the cobblestone piazza was bare and surrounded by police barricades.

Bells tolled in Spain for the almost 17,000 killed by coronavirus, a death toll behind only the U.S. and Italy. In Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury led the Easter service online from his kitchen. In New York, the epicenter of the U.S. crisis, Cardinal Timothy Dolan led mass before an empty St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

Churches nationwide mainly moved to virtual services, although some churches scattered throughout the country defied bans on large gatherings. At one church in Kentucky, troopers waited outside and recorded the license plates of parishioners who violated the governor's lockdown order. 

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