Vietnam-Japan relations in the covid-19 pandemic

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc received outgoing Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Umeda Kunio in Hanoi on March 24, highlighting the two countries’ stronger relations during the diplomat’s tenure.
Noting the sound development of the bilateral relations despite complex developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PM said Vietnam wishes to share information and experience and stands ready to cooperate with Japan in the fight against the disease.
He said at his meetings with Vietnamese ambassadors, he often referred to Umeda as an exemplary ambassador, adding that during the diplomat’s term, the Vietnam-Japan extensive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia has continually been promoted via all channels, including between their parties, states, localities, organisations and peoples. Notably, high-level activities have been increased.
The host leader said Japan is always a leading partner of Vietnam in terms of investment, trade and official development assistance provision. He also highly valued Umeda’s patience to tackle problems in bilateral economic cooperation.
PM Phuc added he has visited Japan for many times during this tenure, and this is among the fine outcomes in the connections between the two countries which he partly attributed to the diplomat’s contributions.
For his part, Umeda thanked the Vietnamese Government, especially PM Phuc, for supporting and facilitating him to fulfil his duties.
He voiced his delight that the countries’ relations have been enhanced in multiple spheres in the recent past, including economy, trade, investment, security, defence and people-to-people exchange.
He noted Japanese PM Abe Shinzo always attaches importance to bilateral cooperation.
Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic which is developing complicatedly around the world, the ambassador expressed his admiration for the Vietnamese Government and PM Phuc’s drastic actions in the disease prevention and control, adding that his country is also working hard to fight the pandemic.
Umeda also thanked the Vietnamese PM for sending a letter to his Japanese counterpart to express sympathies over the losses caused by this epidemic.
At the meeting, PM Phuc appreciated the ambassador’s raising of many practical ideas to strengthen the countries’ partnership, adding that aside from the two Governments’ ties, relations between him and PM Abe Shinzo are very good, too.
This is a basis for the two nations to exchange viewpoints on bilateral cooperation, as well as regional and international matters, in a trustworthy, straightforward and constructive manner, he said, speaking highly of PM Abe’s strong support for ASEAN and Vietnam’s viewpoint on the East Sea issue for many times.
Given negative impact of COVID-19, the leader called on the Government and businesses of Japan to continue bolstering trade and investment links.
According to him, thanks to many drastic measures taken by the Vietnamese Government in the fight against the disease since the beginning, despite a large population, the country has a low COVID-19 infection rate. Therefore, investors from Japan and other nations could feel secure to do business in Vietnam in the long term.

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