Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang, "Hoang Sa and Truong Sa are consistently belong to Vietnam"

It was stated by President Truong Tan Sang emphasized in a talk at the Asia Society in New York (USA) on 28.9.
In part told reporters after a speech in policy dialogue at the Asia Society 28.9 days, local time, on the occasion of the UN Summit Conference, when asked about the reaction to the statement of the President of China Xi Jinping that Changsha "belong to China since ancient times", President Truong Tan Sang has said: "When Mr Xi Jinping affirmed the Nansha (Spratly known Chinese name - NV) has long been of China, we also reported that for us, was consistent stance unchanged. We call that the Spratlys and Paracels, consistently belong VN. We have sufficient evidence of the historical and legal practice to determine the sovereignty of VN ".

In an interview with The Associated Press (US) in the same day, President Truong Tan Sang affirmed act building islands in the East Sea of ​​China is violating international law and seriously affect the security and maritime safety. "South China Sea is really a hot spot of the region and the world at this time and in the past year, China has implemented the accretion and large-scale renovation in the reef, turning them into the island very large, "The Associated Press quoted the President.

"We believe that China's actions violated international law," State President Truong Tan Sang said, adding that China has violated the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea achieved with ASEAN members in 2002. According to the AP, the President affirmed concern of VN and the ASEAN countries is "clear and understandable for the Chinese behavior seriously affect the security and safety navigation in the South China Sea. "

Recommend US efforts to promote TPP

Also on 28.9, State President Truong Tan Sang met US Trade Representative Michael Froman. At the meeting, the President proposed the positive US response VN proposals on opening up markets, create favorable conditions for imports into the US of VN, including restrictions on trade barriers Trading on goods imported from VN.

He also suggested the United States cooperate in a spirit of sincere Joint Vision Statement between VN and US to implement the commitments and obligations under the TPP line with international law and the laws VN and recognition of market economy status of VN.

President also proposed to limit lawsuits dumping, anti-subsidy for catfish and shrimp of VN, as well as non-implementation monitoring program Catfish new statutory USDA Agriculture 2014. According to the President now, these activities are implemented will continue to promote bilateral trade relations and make joint efforts to realize the goal may sign the Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ago later this year.

Share your assessment of prospects for the TPP negotiations, Mr. Froman said that bilateral negotiations VN - US within TPP maintaining motivation and good progress. Both sides should make efforts to resolve resolve some issues differences, contribute to common goals soon reached TPP.

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