President Truong Tan Sang: AIPA really become an important support mechanism of ASEAN

On the occasion of the 36th General Assembly Parliamentary Union Association of Southeast Asian Nations (AIPA-36) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from May 6 - 12/9, State President Truong Tan Sang has sent message to AIPA-36 General Assembly, praised the role of AIPA in promoting regional connectivity and build the ASEAN Community.

Here is the full text of the President's message:

'' On behalf of the State and people of Vietnam, I would like to send my warmest greetings to the President, the Union Heads of Member States, these gentlemen and observers to attend the General Assembly once Parliament Union 36th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (AIPA-36) was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia beautiful country.

AIPA-36 General Council takes place at a time of important historical significance. After nearly five decades of development since it was established on 08.08.1967, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is preparing to step into a new development phase for the formation of an ASEAN Community on 12.31.2015 next day. This will be an important milestone in the development of ASEAN and each member country, marked the maturation, growth of the ASEAN organization, reflecting a shift in the quality of the cooperation process and associated ASEAN Integration.

ASEAN Community was born express the vision of a Southeast Asian peace, cooperation and development. A strong community will contribute to ensuring a favorable environment for the development of each member country, improve the international position of ASEAN, confirming the central role of the association in regional connectivity. A successful ASEAN is also encouraging and creating new impetus to the process of cooperation and linkages in Southeast Asia and the Asia - Pacific. In that spirit, I appreciate the efforts of the Member States in the timely completion of the building of the ASEAN Community building and Vision after 2015 as a community of peace and prosperity.

I also appreciate the efforts of member states parliaments in strengthening ASEAN cooperation and harmonization of policies and legislation in order to improve the legal framework for ASEAN fully. The companion and close coordination between the government and parliament channel plays a very important role in promoting regional connectivity and successfully build the ASEAN Community. In the position of the policymaking organs, develop and supervise the enforcement of the ASEAN countries, I hope that the AIPA member parliaments continue to work closely together to promote the prosperity of their country and peaceful life and prosperity for the people, which is also the highest goal of ASEAN Community is heading as the spirit of the General Council theme this time is "Mounting ASEAN community towards the people, people-centered because the comprehensive ".

Is organizing regional parliamentary cooperation, AIPA has really become an important support mechanism and efficiency of ASEAN at all levels in the process of community building on the three pillars: Security - Political , Economy and Culture - Society. With the growing role, AIPA has been recognized in the ASEAN Charter as an organization linked with ASEAN. ASEAN and AIPA leaders regularly talks to discuss measures to improve the effectiveness, coordination between the executive and legislative channels. In that spirit, an active member and responsible, I believe that the National Assembly of Vietnam will continue to promote the spirit of fruitful cooperation with AIPA member parliaments to build a strong ASEAN Community and contribute to enhance ASEAN's position in regional and international arena.

I also believe that, under the chairmanship of the President of AIPA-36, the close cooperation of these gentlemen and the preparation of the Parliament of Malaysia, the General Assembly of the 36th AIPA will succeed good, contributing to peace, stability, prosperity and comprehensive development of ASEAN.

I wish the General Assembly success '' ./.

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