US: 'Gift' from Vietnam

US Vice President Joseph Biden in a meeting General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has soaked 2 sentences Kieu to express hope for a bright future of bilateral relations Vietnamese American.
Mr. Joseph said that the relations between the two countries is expanding and there are many changes. How to express his surprise Joseph has received many compliments when verse brings beautiful emotions for our listeners and readers.

In another space, a gift from Vietnam was the Minister of Finance awarded Dinh Tien Dung leaders NASDAQ Stock Exchange and organize the management of financial sector in New York FINRA also brings pleasant surprises.

Painting NASDAQ Stock Exchange General Director, Mr. Robert Greifeld is the ingenious craftsman Vietnam represented by sand art painting, drawing on the American flag, made him turn exclaimed: "It's beautiful. Yes, I am ". Gift sure to be Robert cherish, not only show the image of him, but because he received it during the nation welcome National Day.

NASDAQ OMX is founded on 04.02.1971, is the second largest trading platform in the US. This floor convergence of high-tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Oracle and Dell. Starting from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, 2007, NASDAQ has merged with OMX Exchanges (one of the Nordic Stock Exchange) and renamed the NASDAQ OMX Group.

Currently, there are over 3,500 listed companies with a total market value of 9,100 billion dollars. Sow a good impression at NASDAQ, the story of the Vietnam Union became open and friendly as the General Director of NASDAQ addressing ready to help Vietnam build more developed stock markets.

At FINRA, the largest self-regulatory organization in the US financial sector, are monitoring more than 4,000 brokers, over 640,000 workers, Paul Andrews, vice president of FINRA received gifts from Vietnam with appreciation esteem and emotional. Stories exchanged between Missions with FINRA becomes natural and vibrant as the Minister put dozens of questions to learn about the organization.

Vietnam does not have any organization like FINRA, so how FINRA preserve the integrity of the market has led the members of the delegation was impressed. FINRA and the prestige of their integrity so great that, the organization sanctioned felt glad FINRA helped them detect vulnerabilities, not blame or against the orders of FINRA ...

20 year Vietnam normalized relations - the US, the efforts connected to leverage this unique relationship is being done at many levels and in many ways, in so many ways. From specific things like choosing a gift, exchanged smiles and shook hands tightly, both to express goodwill and desire to jointly develop, in relation comprehensive partnership between the two countries.

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