A pioneer in normalization of Vietnam - US

These days, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong ongoing US visit history. For the first time the head of the American Communist Party to visit. The process of normalizing relations between the two countries may now be able to say is completed when the US recognized the leadership of the party, admit the position of the Communist Party of Vietnam politics.

American presidents have long welcomed General Secretary Communist Party (CCP) Soviet or Chinese Communist Party chairman, but Breznev is a special case, as the representative of a superpower on par with the US. And President Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping, next to the title of chairman of the party, they were presidents of the PRC. Only the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong was the only Communist Party leader does not have the right title next president at the White House. But to 20 years after the two countries normalized this new American recognition for the political system of Vietnam. Everything has its reason to exist. International circumstances and regional change is the reason for today's event.

On days when people comment much on the importance and convenience of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, we can not help but recall the difficult history of relations normalization of Vietnam - the US and the people were put foundation for the normalization process, in which first of all to try Vice President of the Council of Ministers - Foreign Minister Nguyen Co Thach.
In the late 1980s, Vietnam has experienced 10 years of war the southwest border and north. The strategy makes Vietnam exhausted (bleed Vietnam white) seem somewhat successful as the economy difficult, almost a crisis in the mid 1980s, therefore, escape the embargo and isolation International becomes paramount requirement of diplomatic Vietnam during this period. Besides seeking to normalize relations with China, Vietnam strategists have also calculated to improve relations with the West while improving relations with the US.

As the years engaged in talks with the United States ended the war in Vietnam as well as normalization talks failed in late 1970, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Co Thach is one of the few Vietnamese people understand about America. Vietnam in the late 1970s the US insisted on reparations as a condition for normalization. This is a requirement is not so clear when the US waged the war of aggression, brought much suffering to Vietnam and especially President Nixon also had a letter the US commitment will participate heal Trade war with more than $ 3 billion. But American politics is so. The president can commit but are jurisdiction of parliament. This is the tricky politics of America that foreigners not everyone understands.

More than anyone else, understand the Minister Nguyen Co Thach need to fill the gaps in the understanding of the United States. He said strengthening of the US study. North American Department of Foreign Affairs in the late 1980s, became one of the most powerful research Foreign Ministry. The diplomatic staff of Vietnam first began to be sent to the US to study. In particular, he understood lobbyists in US politics has implications particularly important.

According to his suggestion, Ambassador Sullivan - who was his partner in the Geneva negotiations in Laos in 1962, negotiations on Vietnam Paris from 1968 to 1972, and later became his close friend - has stood out Established Vietnam Trade Council - the US, bringing together those who have the desire to boost ties Vietnam - America in an organization. In the early 1990s Vietnam Trade Council - the United States has become the leader in connecting the first cooperation between the two countries, held seminars on Vietnam, the visit to Vietnam for business as well as US politicians to better understand the actual Vietnam.

Senators John Kerry, John McCain and many other politicians have visited Vietnam with the logistical arrangements of Vietnam Trade Council - the United States. Had been "digging" in the documentation mountain of Vietnam Trade Council - the US I understand very clearly lobbying activities of Vietnam Trade Council - the US mean how in the process of normalization Relations between the two countries and the more visible than the vision of the Minister Nguyen Co Thach. Speaking to American politics to talk to lobbyists. Besides the direct relationship, negotiate directly with the authorities, lobbying mean success or failure for all diplomatic efforts with the United States. From the very earliest Minister Nguyen Co Thach has to understand the nature of this problem of American politics.

In many documents of the US Business Council - Vietnam sends out where people can find the board's assessment of bright political future of the Minister Nguyen Co Thach. Councils have much appreciated but this assessment was incorrect council. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Vietnam if American ignorance is the opposite of American ignorance about Vietnam.

At the congress of the party March 7 6.1991, Foreign Minister Nguyen Co Thach has not been introduced into the central re-election and even months after he was dismissed as deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers, and Minister of Foreign delivery. Somewhere in this time also he was associated with the name "Mr. America". In fact, trying to understand the Minister Nguyen Co Thach need to escape isolation, need to open not only relations with the US but also with China.

During the late 1980s Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched several initiatives to improve relations with China but does not bring the desired results. Like any dance must also have double, initiative, effort one side can not bring results.

After being dismissed, the Minister Nguyen Co Thach can not directly contribute to the normalization of relations between the two countries, but I was still impressed with the photo is seen somewhere he can stand alone section below drizzle lane event welcomes President Bill Clinton announced the complete removal of sanctions against Vietnam and establish liaison between the two countries on the date 03.02.1994.

When Minister Nguyen Co Thach took months 4.1998, in condolences to Mrs. Phan Thi Phuc's widow Minister Nguyen Co Thach, Ambassador Sullivan added: "I always think a new era in US - Vietnam is monument to the dedication of Mr. Thach ". Today saw a new milestone for the Vietnam - US, I recall his assessment Sullivan and totally agree with him about that.

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