Vietnam-US relations deeper every day

Reply on Bloomberg, US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius said that "the US and Vietnam closer cooperation before".

22/5 Bloomberg quoted US Ambassador to Vietnam said Ted Osius. the actions of the Chinese expansion on the East Coast has pulled close relations between the US and Vietnam.

During the first interview with Western media since taking office in May 12/2014 ambassador, Mr. Osius said US and Vietnam were enemies but now not only normalize relations but also conducted many High-level talks, especially on solving tensions with China.

According to the US Ambassador, Vietnam and US relations are "deeper in every week, if not every day."

"It is difficult to think about it 20 years ago, to achieve this level of cooperation and identified many areas of common interest" - he Osius said.

On the issue of the South China Sea, the US and Vietnam are considered the claims of China in the South China Sea as a threat to its strategic interests. Commenting on the possibility of conflict in the South China Sea before the aggressive moves of China, Mr. Osius said that "it is not certain to end in conflict. There are many ways to avoid this outcome. The way we want to do is through diplomatic pressure. "

According to Mr. Osius, in late May, expected Minister of Defense Ashton Carter will visit Vietnam to discuss the program of bilateral cooperation, including military cooperation.

A few days ago, when to Vietnam to visit the outpost to Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Deputy Foreign Minister Antony Blinken America confirmed the good relations between the US growing and Vietnam. He stressed that the US is very welcome visit by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. President Barack Obama is very much looking forward to welcoming General Secretary in Washington.

"This is a historic visit as the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam to the United States. The visit would send a very strong message to the world that the old former enemies in war, fought very fiercely with huge losses still can become friends.

We not only make peace with one another but also build true partnerships. Our cooperation is expanding and deepening in various fields.

I think the visit will reflect all this and demonstrate a shared vision of the future of the relationship, "Mr. Blinken said.

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