Achievement 20 of the normalization of trade relations Vietnam-US

According to Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Washington, 11/2 morning (Vietnam time), at the hall of the Senate Dirksen Building America, Vietnam Embassy in the US has solemnly celebrated the 20th anniversary of the normalization of relations Vietnam-US trade relations (3/2 / 1994-3/2/2014).

Attending the ceremony were about 300 guests, including members of Congress, officials of government ministries and agencies, business leaders, non-governmental organizations, the American friends, members of the negotiating team US Agreement on the Trans-Pacific partnership (TPP) and the diplomats of various countries attending the TPP negotiations.

Among American politicians attending the ceremony were Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain, two leading politicians in advocacy efforts lifting the embargo Vietnam in 1994.

Being present in the ceremony was reputed parliamentarians and many years supported the US-Vietnam relations as permanent chairman of the Senate, Senator Patrick Leahy; Senator Tom Harkin; Senator John Isakson; Senator Mark Prayor; Senator Jeff Flake; And Congressman Kurt Schrader Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia-Pacific Daniel Russel ...

Vietnam side attended the ceremony, in addition to numerous Embassy officials and the Vietnam representative office in Washington also have the presence of Ambassador Le Hoai Trung, Head of Delegation of the permanent representative in Vietnam United Nations.

Former President Bill Clinton, who signed the decision on lifting the embargo Vietnam in 1994 and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a letter and a video clip celebrate this solemn ceremony, wished the relations between the US and Vietnam continue grow deeper and stronger for the benefit and prosperity of the two peoples.

Addressing the opening ceremony, US Ambassador to Vietnam Nguyen Quoc Cuong warmly welcome the presence of numerous distinguished guests, friends, Americans, who have supported the development of Vietnam-US relations years.

Ambassador reiterated Event Date 02/03/1994 Former US President Bill Clinton announced the lifting of the trade embargo with Vietnam, marking a milestone in the history of bilateral relations.

In a letter recently sent former President Clinton on the occasion of this anniversary, President Truong Tan Sang said that "this decision has closed a difficult chapter of the history of the two countries, opening up a new era of relationship bilateral relations. "

From the moment the landmark then, both countries have benefited greatly and positively contribute to peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ambassador Nguyen Quoc Cuong emphasized with courage, confidence, wisdom and vision from both sides, bilateral relations Vietnamese-Americans were growing and May 7/2013, the two countries have established framework comprehensive partnership.

Two-way trade turnover reached nearly 30 billion US dollars, an increase of over 130 times compared to 1994. Vietnam is now the second largest trading partner of the US 29. Growth of trade between the two countries reached 20% yearly. Each year about 1,800 containers of agricultural products like fruits, cattle, poultry, dairy products of Vietnam US calls.

Only in 2013, the company Vietnam has signed contracts to buy jet engines and wind turbines of US $ 2.6 billion, to help create tens of thousands of jobs for the manufacturing sector Noodle. With a total direct investment of $ 11 billion, the US currently ranks 7th among countries and territories investing in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, for the first time last year, a private company of Vietnam has committed to invest in production in the state of Arkansas. Ambassador believes the numbers will continue to grow after the TPP was signed.

The ceremony became particularly lively with people and the name has become familiar, many years of mediation support, nurture and develop Vietnam-US relations. Senator McCain and former Senator, Secretary Kerry are two veterans of the Vietnam War, a Democrat, a Republican who has worked tirelessly to create the support bisexual Party promote bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields.

Speaking at the ceremony, the two MPs touched recall difficult journey full of thorns that Vietnam-US relations have undergone as well as sharing of both his efforts in mobilizing and eliminating sanctions normalization of relations between the two countries.

Both Secretary Kerry and Senator McCain emphasized the historical significance of the decision dated 03.02.1994 of the Clinton administration lifting the embargo, paving the way for trade relations and expanding profitable for the two countries. Secretary Kerry recalled memories with Senator McCain, with many Vietnam visit of Senator McCain, before reaching a decision on this history.

Secretary Kerry said, in the first visit to Vietnam in late 2013 in his capacity as Foreign Minister, he saw from Vietnam, the country and its people, the immense potential to continue expanding bilateral relations.

Senator McCain said while campaigning in 1994 lifting the embargo Vietnam he could not imagine 20 years after the US-Vietnam relations have grown rapidly as at present with two-way trade turnover of several hundred million dollars more approximately $ 30 billion, from a few hundred students in Vietnam now studying at the university and high school in the United States amounted to more than 16,000 people.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a video clip sent to the ceremony, recalling the great impression, while the hospitality of the people of Vietnam, which she had engraved in the first visit of a US President to the Vietnam, Mr Bill Clinton in 2000. Clinton said in 2010 when he returned to Vietnam in his capacity as Foreign Minister, she surprised by the achievements of economic development of Vietnam, and expressed trust offices bilateral relations will grow deeper and stronger than the next 20 years.

Representatives of General Electric (GE) and the US Chamber of Commerce also posted above emphasize the significance of lifting the embargo decided in 1994, paving the way put US-Vietnam relations developed extensive and comprehensive as the current .

In an atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding, the guests were toasts, enjoy traditional dishes of Vietnam and admire the photographic exhibition went to catch the moment in the history of relations between the two countries in 20 years. /.

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